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Design department

Maria Valcheva, representative of Real Models Agency

Ch. Nezabravka Popova-Nedyalkova, assistant professor, PhD

students from BP "Fashion"

Real Models Agency is a unique and innovative modeling agency that welcomes the diverse and unconventional beauty of models. Founded by a young and visionary entrepreneur, the agency aims to challenge traditional beauty standards in the fashion industry and promote a more inclusive and authentic representation of models.


At Real Models Agency, you'll find a refreshing and inspiring selection of models who break the mold and redefine what it means to be beautiful. Whether it's their unique features, unconventional style or individual flair, every model on the agency's roster is a testament to the power of diversity and individuality.


At the meeting-seminar with students from the "Fashion" program, Maria Valcheva will present the Real Models Agency and will talk about some opportunities for joint activities and appearances for NBU students that the agency offers.

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